How to Show HRA in ITR 1

You have to check your salary structure in your FORM 16 or Pay slips.

You have to check the Exact yearly amount of HRA from your Form 16. Then calculate the taxable & non taxable portion of the HRA amount.

The taxable portion of HRA is to be included in the point B) Non exempt allowances , which is mentioned below & the non taxable HRA portion can be shown as exempt income U/S 10(13A) in ITR 1 in the TAXES PAID & VERIFICATION tab.


You have to apportion the Gross salary amount into following heads to show the salary income in ITR 1

A) Basic salary (This amount can be found from Yearly salary breakup given in Form16 or Monthly salary slips)

B) Non exempt allowances ( Calculate this amount buy Subtracting Yearly basic pay amount & Yearly Exempt allowance amount from the Gross salary mentioned in FORM 16)

C) Value of perquisites (As per FORM 12BA)

D) Profit in liu of salary (As per FORM 12BA)

F) Deduction u/s 16 – Professional tax & Entertainment tax can be found from form 16.

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